Cosy, elegant, comfortable, classic, modern, with removable covers. There are many ways to be a sofa, but only one can best define a Modus Sofa: familiar.This is the concept behind the Modus Sofa brand, a leading company in the sector that for more than 40 years has been designing sofas that stand out for that special sense of everyday life, allowing you to furnish and, especially, live in your home in a simple and natural way.


Modus Sofa is always ready to offer furniture solutions for every home, with a series of proposals that start from the basic concept of everyday life to offer a final product accessible to everyone. The offer is very wide and includes sofas with two, three or more seats, linear or corner, with peninsula, sofa beds with relaxation mechanisms such as clic clac, retractable, folding, folding, folding, all of them created to respond impeccably to any type of specific need, even temporary.