Homes, Luxury hotels and the most exclusive restaurants. Modus Sofa solutions are designed to enhance any environment meeting the needs of everydays life and living.

About us

The perfect combination of tradition and vision of the future, Modus Sofa offers an endless collection of sofas with different finishes, from fabric to leather, each model inspired by a love for design and fashion, from modern to vintage. 
Each solution is customised to suit any need, with a design that perfectly matches tradition and innovation, with the main purpose of offering its customers the maximum comfort and elegance.

Modus sofas are suitable for all modern homes. Each model has regular and comfortable shapes, it is made of selected materials and is distinguished by its handcrafted quality.


Our Sofas are designed to be simply elegant, essential and in line with the most contemporary trends. They are functional and optimise any space, making it more usable with their wide versatility. Our Sofas enhance any environment, making it your personal space.

On a seat, you sit; on our sofas, you rest


There is a universe behind the creation of a sofa; much more than just craftsmanship.
In fact, the design of a sofa, aims to appeal different senses. The sight, the touch and mostly the sense of comfort.

Modus Sofa has decided to build its business on a specific mission: to appeal to all the senses.
Each of our products is carefully thought out by our designers to always guarantee the best in terms of comfort. Our craftsmen carefully choose the top quality materials. Each of our pieces undergoes careful quality checks, to leave our home and arrive at yours in perfect condition.
In Modus Sofa, industrial design meets craftsmanship, tradition meets modernity. That is why we say: on a seat, you sit; on our sofas, you rest.