From private homes to the best hotel chains and the most exclusive restaurants. Explore the wide range of Modus Sofa sofas: furniture solutions designed to meet the most diverse needs of everydays life and living.

About us

A perfect fusion between a love of tradition and a view to the future, Modus Sofa offers a wide and varied collection of sofas with different finishes, from fabric to leather, models inspired by many different styles, from modern to classic, modular and customisable solutions, with a design that perfectly combines tradition and innovation, with the main purpose of offering its customers the ultimate in comfort and aesthetic refinement.

Modus sofas are suitable for all modern homes. Each model has regular and comfortable shapes, is made of top quality materials and stands out for its quality craftsmanship. Our sofas are characterised by their sober, essential, clean lines and without any excess, in line with the most contemporary trends. They are functional sofas that optimise space and at the same time embellish environments making them more usable and with their wide versatility, they can also be used to define specific areas within the same space.

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Cosy, elegant, comfortable, classic, modern, with removable covers.


Perfect as a starting point to organise a living room, our 3-seater sofas immediately create a comfortable and welcoming relaxation corner. With sizes varying from model to model, we offer a wide range of sofas, from the most classic and enveloping to the most essential and contemporary. Available with all kinds of finishes, from leather to fabric, and with various workmanships, they find their place in living areas of the most varied styles, combining excellent comfort and easy space composition.


Splendid furnishing variants and rich in excellent structural characteristics, our sofa beds are able to give furnishing an elegant design line and at the same time provide a valid and functional furnishing element for everyday life. Our sofa beds are the ultimate space-saving solution if you don’t have a guest room, allowing you to have one or more beds in your home in no time at all. The models in our collection are distinguished by the numerous types of opening mechanisms, ranging from the classic pull-out system to the more practical and innovative folding system, also known as a click-clack system.


Among the most suitable models for the new types of open-plan living rooms that also include the kitchen, the L-shaped sofas in our collection fit perfectly into the most contemporary environments, allowing you to optimise the open living space and easily create a corner dedicated to conversation.